Jueves, Enero 17, 2019

1983 - I AM - Brentwood Benson


Año de publicación:1983

Dificultad: Moderada

Creador / Arreglista: David T. Clydesdale

Material disponible:
Trax, Sheets (ENGLISH)

Traducción disponible: Ninguna

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Descripción (En inglés):
Coming off of the reaction to THE DAY HE WORE MY CROWN and WE SHALL BEHOLD HIM left me a little apprehensive about creating another Easter usical.

I strongly questioned whether I had anything "valid" or "new" to say. I began working with the classic song "I AM" which in itself is an incredible statement of power. I soon realized that the great I AM was also tender, kind, considerate, and compassionate man.

The musical I AM is based on the concept of who Jesus really is to each life He touches. He is a bruised, hurting Son to Mary, a silent threat to Pilate, a changed heart to a lonely life, a willing and obedient Son to His Father, and yet...still...the great I AM.